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Chocolate Expert ®:

“Certification in chocolate preparation, handling, culture processes and trends.”

The Academy of Chocolate Ecuador and San Francisco de Quito University present a specialized certification in the different phases of cacao culture in Ecuador – cacao transformation processes into chocolate; the work of chocolatiers; the art of tasting chocolate; and world trends in this field.

Chocolate Expert ® Study areas::

  • Unit 1. General Introduction to Cacao and Chocolate
  • Unit 2. Cacao Production
  • Unit 3. Post-Harvest
  • Unit 4. Chocolate Manufacturing Process from Cacao Seeds at the Factory
  • Unit 5. The Art of Tasting, Sensorial Analyses, and Samples (Practical Workshop)
  • Unit 6. Use of Cacao and Chocolate in Savory Food (Practical Workshop)
  • Unit 7. Chocolatiers, the Art of Working with Chocolate

for more information, download our complete Chocolate Expert ® program here.